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As a financial services provider, we here at B-Sure Africa felt that the insurance market was lacking in what makes all companies great, the ability to provide affordable products to the public and business sectors, the ability to pair these products with diligent Portfolio Consultants who truly care. Formulating a winning team accompanying the combination of our values has not been an easy task and is a task which will never cease, as the constant lust for affordable insurance solutions endeavors. Our management team, along with business affiliates, decided to fill the void by tapping into the priceless knowledge we have been privileged to in serving the insurance industry for the past several decades.

Thus, the birth of ''B-Sure Africa Insurance Brokers''.

We fully understand the importance of having insurance. Our main objective is to show the public that insurance does not have to be a "grudge purchase", rather a necessary purchase which literally saves lives, financially. Stress unfortunately plays a massive roll in our lives from a day to day basis, we know how you feel and we know that the last issue you need is to struggle with your insurance portfolio, so why not sit back and allow one of our specialized Portfolio Consultants to take the reins on your behalf. Our knowledge of the industry places us in excellent stead to attend to any issues that our clients or general public may have.

You are not just another number when we have you on the line or in our portfolio, you are an individual, and individuals are just that, people with a variety of different needs. BSA understands this and is well structured in its ability to provide tailor made insurance solutions. From the highest risk to the lowest, we don't just offer you an alternative solution to the burden that is your current insurance provider, we offer you peace of mind, we offer you the ability to make decisions without having to worry about your investments, let us afford you the opportunity to take a deserved break from the stress bestowed upon you by your current insurer.

You do have an alternative option, and its simply 10 digits away...

Our mission:

"To become the most innovative, caring, professional, experienced and dynamic financial solutions broker in South Africa!"

B-Sure Africa Insurance Brokers is FAIS compliant, meaning that our Employees comply with the regulations of the new Insurance Act for Insurance Brokers.


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