Enjoy having peace of mind that you are properly covered

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Enjoy having peace of mind that you are properly covered

23rd Jan 2019

A little bending of the truth can be useful sometimes, but not when it comes to insurance. Always be forthcoming and transparent with your insurer so as to avoid any complications that could arise when you need to claim.


Here are a few helpful tips on how:

  1. Be as descriptive as possible

Whether it be regarding where you live, where and how you park your vehicle or even describing your portable possessions and jewelry, give as much detail as you can. In this way, you give the insurer all the necessary information to cover you correctly.

  1. Don’t give false information

While it can be tempting to give information that is less than accurate to get a cheaper premium, in the long run, it is wiser to give your insurer all the facts. If you’ll be using a vehicle for business use, inform your insurer. If you travel long distances, let them know. If you’re actually getting the vehicle for your son, don’t put yourself as the regular driver.

  1. Don’t guess

If your insurer asks you something that you do not know, inform them that you don’t know rather than guessing and potentially giving incorrect information that could later jeopardize a claim.


When claiming, the insurer will most likely perform its own due diligence and find out about any inconsistencies and you’ll be losing money in the long run if they find reason not to process your claim. Remember, any information you give to your insurer is of vital importance in making sure that you receive the best possible cover.

At the end of the day, honesty is the best policy.

Zayne Darare

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